Battle for Humanity is a social movement and mobile game that forges real-world heroes. 900 youth from 60 countries beta-tested the pilot. They gained points by completing missions to transform their community. 

A special thank you to all of our lion-hearted beta testers! Your enthusiasm and feedback catalyzed a complete reimagining of the game. Can’t wait for you to see 2.0!

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Battle zone

We fight AGAINST violence, hate, and discrimination.  

We fight FOR respect, love, and progress.  

We fight for Humanity.




Power in Play

Young people -- we want to belong, to connect, to matter. We want to be heroes and enjoy ourselves while we're at it. Violent gangs and extremist groups also know this about us and offer youth a chance to be twisted heroes. 

We’re taking back what it means to be a hero. Violence is one of the leading causes of death for youth worldwide, and we won’t stand for it anymore. We see conflict as an opportunity to create change. We see difference as pathway to innovation. We won't stop until we make this world better. 

Here's how:


1. Join the Battle! And set up your own profile.     


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2. Choose missions to do in real life. The tougher the mission, the more points you earn. 


3. Upload an image of yourself completing the mission and receive a Battle-branded filter and pre-populated hashtags. Then share your good deeds with the world!  

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"Other filters make you LOOK good.  Battle filters make you DO good."

Beast Mode


(Well, action-oriented heroes)



Missions are the heart and soul of Battle for Humanity. They can be off- or online. They're broken into three categories: get smart, get loud, get bold. The goal is to take you on a hero journey that instills the confidence to embrace difference, to deal with conflict, and transform your community. 

Our Hero Journey has 7 steps:

Hero journey image.jpg


Get Smart

Take our interactive training on disrupting a bullying situation. 


Grab your phone and be a citizen-journalist, interviewing both sides of a controversy. 


Get Loud

Tweet 5 celebrities about the under-reported crisis in Yemen.


Start an awareness campaign about sexual violence on your university campus. 

Get Bold

Start a clothing drive for individuals with refugee status at your school or place of worship. 


Volunteer at an after-school program for at-risk youth. 

Join the Battle

Whether you're a teen looking to change your school, a community organization looking to spread your mission, or an angel investor looking to invest in sustainable change:

We need you. 

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Business Visionary 

Safer, healthier communities are profitable communities. We're looking for corporate sponsors, foundations, and impact investors as strategic partners to a support a youth-led global movement. Are you interested in engaging millions of youth and investing in the future? Our plan is to make this platform sustainable and scale-able, while providing sponsors a meaningfully way to engage young consumers. Curious?


Community Do-Gooder

It doesn't matter if you're a local youth group or a global nonprofit -- we'd love to join forces. We believe Battle for Humanity is a platform for all. Do you have mission ideas? Ways for our users to plug into your organization or visa versa? We'd love to learn more and explore ways we can work together. For too long, nonprofits have been working in silos. It's time to blow up the box. 


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Young Lion Heart 

If you're young or young at heart, this is about you. You are the hero in this story. The Battle belongs to you. Help us shape it. Sign up to be one of our beta testers. You will be the first to have the inside track on all the latest developments. You’ll also be who we turn to for advice and mission ideas. We're building our core community. We're looking for the next generation of heroes.